When I created The Financialholic I knew I wanted to use social media as a way to market my blog to increase my blog traffic but I never knew that many successful bloggers are using and focusing on Pinterest to increase for that same reason.

Prior to starting this blog, I had a personal Pinterest account that I enjoyed searching on when I was bored and making lists of things I was interested in. I had boards for recipes that I wanted to try, clothing styles I really liked, and places I wanted to travel to someday. I never knew that bloggers used it to advertise their content on and they are very successful in doing so!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest to me is a search engine platform that gives you results in images that people post (or in Pinterest terminology, pin). You click on the image you’re interested in and that takes you to a page where you can pin the post onto one of your boards to check out later or you can click read to go to that pin’s post which is located on someone’s website. Pinterest is also considered a form of social media which you can connect to other people and follow their boards.

Why Use Pinterest For Your Blog?

Pinterest is also a HUGE traffic maker for websites and blogs. Dao Nguyen, the Vice President of Growth and Data for BuzzFeed said, “Pinterest is BuzzFeed’s second largest social network referrer. It also has a much longer lifecycle than other social networks, often driving traffic to posts months after publication. In fact, more than half of BuzzFeed’s traffic from Pinterest goes to posts published more than 2 months ago.” That is very true, many bloggers have said that some of their Pins for older posts will still constantly bring in traffic months or even years later.

Pinterest has even helped bloggers get their articles on the first page of a Google search. That will help your traffic two-fold!

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How To Get Started

Once you’ve established your blog you will need to create a business Pinterest account. You’ll want business because it’ll have the tools you’ll need to view your analytics, enable rich pins, and the option to advertise with promoted pins. The best of all of this is it’s TOTALLY FREE! Well, most of it. There’s a charge to promote your pins but using Pinterest to pin your posts, connect with people, bring traffic to your blog or business is totally free. This is a great resource to have for your blog and if you’re not currently taking advantage of it you’re missing out on a lot of traffic to your blog.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Step 1 | Create Your Account

Sign up for an account at Pinterest. You’ll want to select the business account to create.

Step 2 | Confirm Your Website

You’ll need to do this to take advantage of the free analytics tools that Pinterest provides for you. This will help you identify what pins and posts are doing the best.

Step 3 | Fill Out Your Profile

You will need to fill out your business name, profile picture, details about you and your blog, and your location. I just put a general location since I don’t want people to know exactly where I live.

Step 4 | Create Boards & Start Pinning

To start off you should create about 10-20 boards that are related to your niche. Since my niche is personal finance related I create boards on topics like debt management, budgeting, and retirement for some examples. Once your boards are created start pinning other people’s pins to those boards. You’ll want at least 10 pins in each board so that they’re not empty.

Step 5 | Create Your Own Pins

For each of your blog posts, you should create 3-4 pins. Some people use Adobe Photoshop but you can do this for free on Canva which is a free design site where you can design Pins, blog post images, and more. It’s really simple to create a pin on Canva, with their tools it takes me about 15-20 minutes to complete a design.

After designing your pin you’ll then need to upload it to Pinterest. You’ll click on the red circle with the white plus sign that’s located on the top right part of the website and you’ll upload your image and then enter the destination URL of the corresponding blog post. Next, you’ll pick the board you’ll want that pin to be saved on. I have a board named The Financialholic that I save all my pins too. You can also save your pins to multiple boards that relate to your specific post. Once you’ve uploaded your pin you can edit the description and enter specific keywords that relate to your article.

Step 6 | Pin Consistently & Constantly

When I was researching my Pinterest strategy for my blog I discovered that many successful bloggers pin a ton of pins daily and throughout the day. While I work full time and have other duties that I need to attend to I’m unable to spend all day on Pinterest pinning pins. I wonder how many times I’ve used the word “pin” in this post LOL. Then I discovered Tailwind.

Tailwind is a Pinterest approved scheduling app that you can schedule all your pins to be posted at specific times throughout the day and Tailwind does the work for you by pinning them automatically for you. You can pick the time and the specific board that you post the pin to. It’s wonderful.

Click here to try Tailwind for one month free! I tried it for free for one month too and noticed once my trial ran out that Tailwind was really helping me increase my traffic to my blog and helped me out by not having to pin all the time. I ultimately signed up for the service which is only $15 per month. But you can see the results yourself for free by trying it out.

Step 7 | Join & Contribute to Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are awesome! When you’re accepted into a group board, every pin that you post to that board can be viewed by all that board’s followers which are usually higher than your own. Many group boards are selective with whom they send an invite to and usually, they want you to post pins that are related to their niche or particular theme that board is about, just make sure to follow their rules in their description.

To start you out you can join my group board. To find other group boards or group boards that are related to your niche search here at PinGroupie.


In conclusion, there should be no reason why you’re not using Pinterest for your blog. It’s a powerful free resource that could potentially bring tons of traffic to your blog which can turn into some nice profit! If you currently use Pinterest for your blog please share with us some tips you may have in the comments down below.


  1. YES…LOVE Pinterest! I am doing mostly all of these things. I need to wrap my head around Tailwind to pin more consistently. I also need to make more pins for each blog post. Gotta get on that! Thanks!!! I’ll pin this now to refer back to it. 😉

  2. Pinterest was one of my main reasons in starting my blog. I think Pinterest is a great way to get traffic for your blog and you really don’t have to do anything for it.

  3. Hi Jenn! Pinterest group boards are heaven sent! A great strategy to get your eyes on your content to those who are interested. Tribes, especially Tailwind Tribes are useful. They are smaller right now, but they are growing.

    Facebook groups is another way to engage with those who are interested in your content. You can participate in comment threads and Pinterest threads and network with other bloggers. We can all learn something from others.


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