Sometimes it’s hard to figure out a perfect gift for your co-worker. You may not know them that well or wonder if what you picked out would be appropriate. You could always get them a gift card or check out below for some affordable gift ideas under $20.



1. Cell Phone Charger Stand

Perfect gift for that person who likes to play music through their phone on their desk.


2. Zen Garden

For that co-worker or boss that needs to reduce some stress.


3. Bullet Journal

For those who love to write, plan their days, or have to do lists, they will love this gift. With its hardcover, dot-grid pages, and elastic closure this journal is great for that person who’s always on the go.


4. Hot/Cold Water Bottle

How cute are these? There are several different designs available (I LOVE the stars and moon pattern). These water bottles can carry coffee, tea, juice, etc. They keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They are also leak-free.


5. Heat Sensitive Battery Mug

For the techie employee, this heat-sensitive mug will change color when you have hot fluids inside of it.


I thought this heat-sensitive mug was cute too!


6. Anywhere Travel Guide

For that adventurous co-worker, the Anywhere Travel Guide contains 75 cards that will take you on your own unique adventure. Very neat gift for an outgoing fun person.


7. Paracord Bracelet

Awesome gift for an outdoorsy person. For about $10 you get two bracelets that come equipped with a compass, fire starter, emergency knife, and whistle. You can’t really beat that and it’s a unique gift!

8. Whatever Wall Clock

For that chronically late employee. They’d get a laugh at this gift…or maybe a hint lol!

9. Unique Stress Relief Toys

Everyone at work could use a stress ball. Know any cat lovers? These cute cat stress relief toys would be a hit! Or the ninja guy whose eyes pop out when you squeeze him!


10. Sundial Compass

A unique office gift that looks like it’s worth way more than the 11 bucks it is. Great for someone who likes to collect unique items for their office!

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