Qapital Review – Savings App

By: Jennifer Ellis


Every month I plan to save a certain amount of money in my budget but most of the time I end up spending it. One day at work a coworker mentioned that they use an app called Qapital to save and she doesn’t even have to worry about saving, the app does it for her! I was definitely interested. So I downloaded the app and tried it out for a month, this is my Qapital review.


What is Qapital?

Qapital is a money-saving app that is available in the Google Play or Apple store. It’s completely FREE too! The basics of the app is that you first link your checking account to the app. Qapital then sends a verification deposit to your financial institution. Once you verify the two small deposits you’re ready to start saving!

To start saving you will need to decide what you’re saving for. This is where you set up your goals. For mine I set up a Christmas goal of $1000. Once you’ve created your goal/goals then you set up your rule.

Qapital uses IFTTT (If this then that) to create rules to help you to save. The one that I’m currently using is the round up rule which works this way:

If I spend $2.50 at Dunkin Donuts, Qapital will then move over $0.50 into the Qapital savings account.

There are several IFTTT scenarios that you can set up. Some of the ones Qapital have suggested are:

Get that paid status: save each time you post on facebook

#qapitalize on instagram

save money when you hit your daily fitbit step goal

Would I Recommend Using?

Definitely! In ten days I’ve saved a little over $10 with just using the round up rule. I know that may not sound like much but every little bit counts and I’m not going to miss or accidentally spend that money. When I’ve achieved my goal I can just transfer the money into my checking account. Also, very soon Qapital will offer Visa debit cards that link to your Qapital account, but I personally like the not-so-easy access of having to transfer the money as an ACH (which takes around 2 business days to receive the funds) so I don’t spend the money.


Since joining Qapital in July 2017 I’ve saved a total of $311.22!

I hope you enjoyed my review of this savings app. If you’d like to start your own Qapital account and receive $5, click here. You must link your checking account and make your first deposit before receiving the $5. But seriously try it, it’s totally worth it!



  1. I’ve actually never heard of this app. I like the ITTT idea! I just recently download Ibotta and it’s been really nice so far, so I’d be willing to give another saving app a shot!

    • This app is awesome because it does the work for you. The only time I ever log-in to the app after setting it up for the first time is to check my savings balance.


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